What is QRON?

A digital money backed by reserve currencies.

QRON (QRN) is a stablecoin pinned at a 1:1 ratio to the U.S. Dollar and backed by global reserve currencies in operating regions — which gives it stability, counterparty trust, scalability, and stable value. It’s the native currency used in the Sparqoverse platform.


What's the value in using QRON?


Through the ArqoX wallet, the QRN is the native currency that enables the user to connect to Sparqoverse.

Regional Currencies

The stablecoin is backed by reserve currencies. Qron capitalization and circulation data are published everyday.​


Qron is used to pay for goods and services connected to Sparqoverse and to send and receive payments to other users.

How QRN works?

Qron is the native currency of the Sparqoverse platform. To be universally accepted, the Qron must show the ability to store value and control volatility. We list three components to achieve these tasks:

1) Reserve & Performing Assets - Backed by global currencies and pinned to a 1:1 basis to the US Dollar.

2) Treasury Reserve - This governing body tracks the currency's economic movement. The body regulates Qron's supply and demand across foreign territories to balance stability and value.

3) DApps Protocol - Develop marketplaces in the ecosystem that validates the use of the native currency.

Connecting to the Sparqoverse

Verify User's information

Standard KYC verification process to approve users.

Converted fiats are Credited

Exchange or convert accepted currencies for Qron.

DApps Library

Get connected to the library of applications in the ecosystem.