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Do everything. Save, lend, swap, convert, manage, and send and receive payment. The ArqoX wallet makes it safe to do transactions in the Sparqoverse world.

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Get connected to the Sparqoverse platform and experience how the web 3.0 wallet works in a decentralized universe.

Payment Protocol

Accessed from multiple devices, users have a secure way to connect to Sparqoverse's DApps library.

Asset Dashboard

Manage all your connected DApps under one dashboard hub that limits the sharing of your data. Eliminate the need for multiple signups.

Exchange Board

With 180 fiat currencies in the FX market, plus thousands of cryptos, ArqoX makes it easy to convert in and out of the Sparqoverse.



The Sparqoverse native currency backed by reserve currencies.

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Connect to the distribution library of Sparqoverse with ArqoX and explore the growing list of decentralized applications, such as rental bookings, parking, shipping, banking, media, games, and more. Discover the applications being developed and launched.   

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Protect your transactions with ArqoX’s security-focused wallet. Store your converted asset and use it with ease to connect to Sparqoverse’s decentralized applications.

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Manage your needs in an unchained fashion. Use the ArqoX wallet to move money around the Sparqoverse platform.